We can add colour to your home top to bottom, inside and out. Whatever the finished surface area is, we can paint it. Our home improvement services include everything from basic room Wall Colouring, to Wallpaper Installation, Interior Decoration, Railing & Stair, and Refinishing of any wood carpentry, cabinetry, or furniture in your home.

Pristine Painting and Decorating is a fully accredited, licensed, and insured company, eliminating the flight risk of hiring a lowest price guarantee, ma and pa contractor – who once the job is completed and payment has been paid in full, sadly, they are nowhere to be found for service down the road, should quality concerns arise.

We use only the finest grade paint products not only in quality of finish but in environmental friendliness. Reducing our carbon footprint in our environment is at the very heart of our core values. As such, we are always searching for the most cutting-edge and innovative products, that are not only manufactured using Eco-Friendly processes, but that also minimize the impact on the Earth through reducing harmful pollutant emissions during application.

Volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs, are organic chemicals found in some paint products that can be released at room temperature and be hazardous to your health. A home is not only one of the biggest investments financially, but also personally. It is the living space for families – the very building blocks of society – where parents raise children. As parents ourselves, we understand the need to maintain clean air quality in all areas of your home – which is why we guarantee that the products we use maintain the lowest VOC count available in market.

We also offer painting and staining services for your fine carpentry and cabinetry improvement needs. Our off-site wood finishing facility is a sophisticated, state-of-the-art booth, which allows us the capability to refinish virtually any hardwood application you can imagine – including rugged, worn and torn wood furniture, interior and exterior doors, mantles, and more!

Is the exterior of your home feeling the effects of the extreme Canadian climate? Is the paint on your deck railing peeling or the stain vanishing from the frigid cold winters and the hot humid summers? Is it looking worse for the wear, showing any signs of weathering at all? Our team of professionally trained painters can freshen up any facade!

Can’t stand looking at that throwback, old-school wallpaper in your living room? We’d be happy to remove it for you and replace it with a trendy, contemporary alternative – or even apply a fresh coat of paint using a new colour of your choice. Need help deciding on how to give your space a fresh new look and feel? Our management team have acquired expert knowledge of all the latest trends in home design and decor, and would enjoy the opportunity to consult with you, providing expert product and application suggestions.

Contributing to your overall home improvement effort, and helping you create your dream living space is not just our job; it’s our passion – our muse – our goal!