This is arguably the foremost important element of any business model – in as much as the management team is directly responsible for making the business model work, or alternatively, revise and redefine the business model as necessary to adapt to the ever-changing economic and market climate.

A strong management gives a business instant credibility to outside investors, immediate market-specific knowledge, and experience in implementing business plans.

Dennis Buzatu

Dennis Buzatu

VP, Sales & Business Development

A founding partner of the business, Dennis brings 8 years of technical knowledge in residential painting through on-site experience and office business administration. Moreover, he brings a proven business development and leadership savviness, as evidenced by his contribution in growing the company from infancy, into the size it is today.

Driving and leading sales and business development, Dennis is responsible for all sales and business development planning, directing, and execution, including leading the sales team. Customer relationship management is also a critical element within the sales functional area, and Dennis leads the charge in being the primary point of contact with all senior level employees and/or officials of our customer’s companies.